Hands To Work, Hearts To God

- Shaker Quote

Sewing Carrier: A #4 oval box with a swing handle, satin-lined, containing four sewing notions - tomato pin cushion, strawberry emory, woven poplarware needle book, and beeswax. This historically accurate piece is an example of a Shaker production piece made for sale to the World's people or fancy goods trade.
Tinder Box: This version is a No. 2 oval box. The piece is fitted with tin candleholder tacked to the underneath side of the lid and contains a box of stick matches, three hand-dipped beeswax candles and a small piece of tinder, just in case there’s a need to start to a fire.
Curly Maple Rocking Chair: An adaptive, proportionate rendition of the traditional shaker style, these pieces are available with and without arms in Cherry, Maple and Walnut and an assortment of hand-woven band colors.
  • Kentucky Guild