News Items and Noteables

Seymour Tribune

Click Here to view an August 2013 feature article talking about Baxter and his work.

Fine Woodworking Magazine

Click Here to view the June 2015 Fine Woodworking magazine with feature article entitled "Make A Shaker Box" by Pete Baxter.

As a member of the Early American Life directory, Indiana Artisans and Kentucky Guild of Artisans, Baxter was selected to be a

feature contributor for Fine Woodworking Magazine.

Indianapolis Star

Click Here to view an article in the Indianapolis star featuring an exhibit of the Furniture Guild of Indiana Artisans of which Pete

Baxter is a member. The rocking chair shown in both photographs accompanying the article was crafted by Baxter.

Early American Life honors Pete Baxter Shaker Crafsman

Click here to view the press release from Early American Life Magazine awarding Pete Baxter the highest honor in the

2015 Director of Traditional American Crafts and featuring his work in the August issue of Early American Life Magazine.

WTIU's 'The Weekly Special' Passion To Preserve episode features Indiana Artisan, Pete Baxter

Click here to view a vignette from the April 14th episode of WTUI's program "The Weekly Special" featuring Indiana Artisan, Pete

Baxter. The piece was made possible through a legacy project with Indiana State Arts Council.